The purpose of the Taos Watercolor Society is to encourage and promote the production of professional quality watercolor. Watercolor is defined as any water media on paper; including but not limited to watercolor, acrylic, ink, distemper, casein, and mixed media.

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2019 is yet another big year for the Taos Watercolor Society. This group of professional watercolorists will exhibit new works in three shows over the spring and summer. Additionally, in October the Taos Watercolor Society will host a watercolor workshop at the Taos Art Museum Fechin House Studio.

Two shows begin in May and end in June. The first at the Taos Visitors Center is a “Spring and Summer” themed show. Both visitors and residents of Taos may view the show from May 2nd through June 28th. An opening reception will be held on May 10th from 4-6pm at the Visitors Center on the corner of Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Paseo del Cañon East.

The second show, at the Fechin House Studio at Paseo del Pueblo Norte, runs from May 10th through June 23rd. The opening reception will be on Sat., May 11, from 6-7pm in the studio; a great way to start to Mothers’ Day weekend. The studio is hallowed space to any Taos artist as one can feel the presence of Nicolai Fechin himself in his beloved work-room. At this event, the TWS is paying a special tribute to long-time member and master watercolorist Bob Cooley.

The opening of the annual Stables Gallery Show and Sale is slated for Friday, August 9 from 4-6pm. The show will run from August 15th through the 17th. These works of signature members will display a variety of subjects and techniques for the public’s viewing pleasure. In addition to original works, prints and cards will also be for sale.

On Sunday, Sept. 22nd from 1-4pm, members of Taos Watercolor Society will demonstrate watercolor painting at the Taos Fall Arts Festival. This has proven to be both educational and entertaining for participants and visitors alike.

The October workshop, conducted by visiting artist Michael Holter, promises to be three days of intensive and creative learning for beginner through advanced watercolorists. Go to for more information and pre-registration.

Watercolorists in Taos never never run out of subject matter- there is a painting everywhere that one looks. The Taos Watercolor Society welcomes all who appreciate the skill level and sheer beauty of this master medium.

Watercolor is as versatile as the artists who master this difficult medium. Effects range from technical renderings to expressionistic waves of watercolor washes and splashy applications; all providing a treat for the senses.

Signature members of the Taos Watercolor Society are Bob Cooley, Jinx Wright, Karen McCurtain Blair, Linda Grams Henderson, Carol Doughty, Diana Smith, Bren Price, Diane Nelson-Scott, Gayle Fulwyler-Smith, Lonnie Shan, Diane Binder, Marilyn Price Reinbolt, Kirsten Rogoff, Cher McMacken, Robert Murray, Jennifer Ortega, Allegra Sleep, Gayle Weisfield, and Pat Woodall.