Taos Watercolor Society

“Art is a process where I can honor the joy, beauty, and meaning in objects, nature, and people. Subjects touch me with their visual beauty and symbolic meaning – whether it is a still life, an old building, a rustic vehicle, landscape, or street scene.”
Carol Doughty, Artist
“I paint realistically in watercolor and oils and also sculpt in wood and clay. I have lived in Taos for the past 25 years after retiring from a career in Chicago as a graphic artist.”
Bob Cooley, Artist
“My passion in painting is to create the contrasts and beauty.”
David Sullins, Artist
“Like John Marin, I believe that any person is an artist if the work that is done or the life that is lived reflects “the song of life.”
Nancy Lee Stewart, Artist


The purpose of the Taos Watercolor Society is to encourage and promote the production of professional quality watercolor. Watercolor is defined as any water media on paper; including but not limited to watercolor, acrylic, ink, distemper, casein, and mixed media.