As a child of ten, Diane discovered she could create likenesses of family members, and from then on she began her art education. She started with a learn to draw art set by Jon Gnagy, followed by every art class in Junior and Senior High School at West Bloomfield, Michigan. Through a very influential teacher, Mrs. Sturmer, she was able to participate in a summer weekend program at the Cranbrook Institute of Art in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. Subsequently Diane began portraiture in charcoal and pastel, receiving numerous commissions before graduating in 1968 from West Bloomfield High.

Entering Michigan State University on Scholarships, Diane started The Fine Arts Program for two semesters, only to get sidetracked by her strong interest in the Sciences. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition in 1972, she detoured for many years into the many adventures of life in beautiful Colorado.

Eventually Diane met her husband Ron, and they embarked on mutual interests of camping and canoeing/kayaking and ocean sailing. It was during one of their adventures kayaking in Baja California, Mexico (2004) that she rekindled her love of drawing by illustrating the entire 2.5 month trip camping along the secluded beaches of Baja. Subsequently she experienced the varied cultures of Mexico, Central and South America while sailing along the coastline to Ecuador. Armed with rich cultural and visual stimulation, Diane and her husband moved stateside to the amazing community of Taos, NM.

Diane then gravitated to and became a member of the Taos Plein Air group and the Taos Watercolor Society. The two groups keep her busy with events and opportunities to show her work.